75/100 The shy soloist

This week’s challenge with the infant class concerned the soloist for the Nativity Play.

She is supposed so be a sheep, and has a solo to sing to the other sheep. Left to her own devices, she sings confidently all day long, which is why she was given the part. Her voice is sweet and tuneful, and there will be a huge sigh of satisfaction from the audience when she steps up and sings her verse.

If she does manage to step up and sing her verse.

The problem is that although she sings out strongly in the whole class songs, when it comes to singing by herself, she stuffs her fingers in her mouth and no sound comes out. The teachers are beginning to worry…

However, I had a bit of a brainwave “Do you have a sheep, or sheep puppet in the classroom?”. One of the teachers went to have a look, and came back with this;

Farm Animal Hand Puppet - SheepThe glove puppet kept one hand out of her mouth, and gave the other hand something to fiddle with. That’s half a solution. “Sing to the sheep”, I suggested. And she did. That could be the other part of the solution.

I’ll let you know next week…

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