18/60 The five second shower




Here’s a physical warm-up we learned on our training day last week;


The Five Second Shower

hold a pretend bar of soap in on hand, and rub your hands together as though you are making a lather

while you are doing this, explain that you are about to take a 5-second shower, starting at your head and working down to your feet. In order to make sure you take just five seconds, we will count down backwards.

Ready?       Go!      5 (head)   4     3     2     1 (feet)

Okay!       Start “lathering” again, while you explain that you are going to do a 4-second shower.

Ready?      Go!      4 (head)   3     2     1 (feet)

I expect you can guess what comes next – the children in my singing assembly could certainly work it out! You end up with a manic 1-second shower.

A bit of buzzing, a bit of sirening (singing on the sound ‘ng’ up and down in pitch), a bit of listen and copy, and we were ready to sing! The shower certainly created an energised feel to the start of the session.

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