19/60 Wobbly Chicken warm up



Click on the chicken to make it wobble…..

I have led two singing assemblies now. The first one got off to a great start using the 5 second shower . The second was started by another teacher, who was going to teach a call and response song for the Harvest Festival which is looming all too soon. He did a sort of verbal warm-up along the lines of

“are you ready to sing?”     “yes”

“are you READY to sing?”   “yes”

“Are you REALLY READY to SING?”     “Yes”

But I wasn’t convinced. So, interrupting before he could start singing, I got everyone to stand and demonstrate the five-second shower – which hugely transformed the mood and energised the children.

I can’t keep on showering before every assembly, so here’s another tried and tested one;

For a count of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, shake first one leg, then the other, then one arm, then the other. Repeat, for a count of 4 each, then 2 each, then 1 each, then crouch down and spring up into the air while calling

“w–o–b–b–l–y–c–h–i–c–k–e–n!,      starting with a low pitch voice, rising  in pitch as you jump.

You can repeat this, doing the counting in your “thinking” voice, which has a sort of surreal effect.

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