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When I included a jazz standard in the list of pieces to learn for my Active Repertoire challenge (see this post, and Andrew Eales’ blogpost) I was reminded of the online jazz course I started at the end of last term.

I found it on a site called www.futurelearn.com, When I went to the site I discovered that there seem to be hundreds of courses on a huge range of topics, offered by universities and colleges all over the world.

I had a good go at the Jazz Piano Stage 1 course earlier this Summer, offered by Goldsmith’s College, University of London. It is an excellent mix of video tutorials, downloadable scores and backing tracks, opportunities to listen to and learn from each other’s efforts uploaded to soundcloud, and encouraging comments from the online learner community. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to complete all the course, as life suddenly got busy. However I have really appreciated what I worked through, and have plenty of downloads to keep me going. Best of, all, take note of the words in the pink bar at the bottom of the screenshot;

Learn Jazz 1

Like most of the courses, it is completely free! The only catch is that your access to the course material disappears after a certain date, unless you pay a fee for unlimited access. However the courses do seem to come round again from time to time, and you may well be able to download a lot of the material.

The stage 1 and 2 Jazz piano courses are being advertised at the moment, along with various other music courses. I shan’t be signing up for any of them, as I’m about to start an online creative writing course (run by the Open University) in the next week or so… but I might find the score study course (Open University) very, very tempting. I’m thinking of putting my name down for the re-run in February next year.

Meanwhile, I shall be brushing up on some of the standards that I studied in Jazz 1, ready to add to the Autumn Active Repertoire List.

Happy Learning… it makes a refreshing change from always teaching.

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