Everything in C major

Almost everything.

The Music Hub I work for has revised the curriculum for each of the Stages in piano and keyboard teaching.

So I now find myself teaching things that I was never taught, rather I ‘acquired’ the knowledge much later on through various ‘light-bulb’ moments along the piano journey.

The ‘Stage 1’ requirements, roughly equivalent to ABRSM or Tinity Grade 1) now include such things as

Play a syncopated Tango style accompaniment using the triad chords I, IV and V to accompany a lead sheet in the keys of the scales using broken chords, composing your own intro/ ending

Wow! I couldn’t have done that at Grade 1! And how I wish I had been taught about chords in a systematic manner.

I’m thinking about what kind of resource would be useful for teaching this kind of thing; something along these lines? This is a two-page spread, covering scales, arpeggios, broken chords, chords, a ‘Grand Cadence, a couple of lines of very basic sight reading and then a simple lead sheet.

Everything C major_0001

Everything C major_0002


My idea is to work through the lines steadily, awarding stickers for each line completed. For pre-stage 1, I would do the scales hands separately, and keep some of the lines for later.

Dynamics, fingering, articulation can all be added as you go along.

When (If!) I create a sheet in G major, the first section would be very similar, but the sight reading would be slightly harder. For Stage 1, I suppose I would need to do sheets for C, G, D, F majors, A minor and D minor. That would deal with all the scales for the ABRSM grade, and get the sight reading and chord knowledge well advanced.

It wouldn’t be too hard; after all I can start by just transposing the whole of the C major sheet and then ‘titivating’ it a little.

Please help yourself to these pages if you think you would find them useful. And let me know what you think!

Snake keyboard divider

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