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Building Chords with Bricks

I’ve been trying to think of an interesting and portable resource to help with uteaching chords and inversions. I never got the hang of these, never ever, until I started learning to harmonise Bach Chorales as part of my teaching … Continue reading

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Everything in C major

Almost everything. The Music Hub I work for has revised the curriculum for each of the Stages in piano and keyboard teaching. So I now find myself teaching things that I was never taught, rather I ‘acquired’ the knowledge much … Continue reading

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10/100 LH Keyboard – Fully fingered chords

I think I’ve got to step up my rate of posting if I am going to reach my target of 100 blog posts by the end of this year; this is week 6 or 7 (depending on how you count) and here … Continue reading

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Issue 114: Introduction to Easy-Peasy Chord building

So, what does       I  VI  II  V       mean? It is a chord progression, listing a sequence of chords built upon notes of any scale. If I show you how it works for C major, the easiest scale of all for … Continue reading

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