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Issue 31: Morse Code Composing

Morse Code Composing Step 1 Children code up words using vocal sounds “dit” for dots and “dah” for dashes. Start with their own names; then play a game where you choose a category eg animals, and children code up an … Continue reading

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Issue 30: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello again, intrepid adventurers in the world of sound! This week, I have a report on the use of paper as a composition material (not for writing on, I might add), some pictures of instruments (but not as you usually … Continue reading

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Issue 30: Composition Activity using scrap paper

I used this activity last Summer to create a soundscape for the topic “The Seaside”. The children had just returned from a school trip to the beach… I have written it up in this issue in case you were planning … Continue reading

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Issue 30: Instruments from the inside

I found these beautiful photographs of the insides of classical instruments at this site; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Issue 30: A simple version of Kuku for Djembes

This is a simplified 3-part djembe pattern based on “Kuku”, which I learned from a colleague. It uses just tone and bass sounds. Part 1 makes a good accompaniment to the song “Funmje Alafia“. Part 1 (over 16 beats) beats 1 … Continue reading

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Issue 29: Welcome to the Jungle

There’s a touch of Africa in this week’s jungle, with two traditional songs and a couple of ways of using them. One song is “Funmje Alafia“, a welcome song which I am using in djembe classes this term. The other is … Continue reading

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Issue 29: Funmje Alafia

This is traditional Yoruba song. You can find many versions of it on YouTube, and it is also in the OUP song book “Young Voiceworks” by Jo McNally. It is a welcome song, about offering happiness. (The Voiceworks series of songbooks from OUP … Continue reading

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Issue 29: Senwa Dedende

I have found this song in various books, including the Kodaly book “How Can I Keep from Singing”. It is also on the singup website at This is a lovely song, and works very well as a round – … Continue reading

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