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Issue 42: Welcome to the Jungle

Half term! Where did it all go? I spent good deal of it watching the Jubilee celebrations. There was a feast of music too; one of the high spots for me was seeing the brilliant visuals for the Madness song at The … Continue reading

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Issue 42: Help With Sight-Reading – Keeping the Pulse and Rhythm

I discovered early on – probably at about Grade 2 – that I couldn’t actually cope with counting numbers out loud “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and ” while trying to read and play handfuls of notes. I … Continue reading

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Issue 42: Adventures with my New Guitar

Having accidentally bought a new guitar some months ago, I have been trying to justify the expense by using it a much as possible in lessons. I am delighted to discover that one of my favourite songs, “Sun Arise”, made … Continue reading

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Issue 42: Olympic Activity; Synchronised Swimming

This is a bit of a golden oldie, but none the worse for that. Working in pairs, the children mirror each other’s movements; child 1 is the leader, and child 2 is the “mirror”. So, whatever child 1 does, child … Continue reading

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Issue 41: Welcome to the Music Jungle

Half term at last – I think all music teachers everywhere view the break with mixed feelings. My first reaction is “what a relief! I could do with the break”, followed by a sinking heart at the thought of all my exam … Continue reading

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Issue 41: Olympic Torch – Music and Movement Lesson Plan

Once again, I have been busily googling away to see what is out there in the way of Olympic-themed lessons. Searching on “Olympic Torch Music” brought up a number of YouTube videos of opening and closing ceremonies, but also this … Continue reading

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Issue 41: Ofsted Report on Music Teaching in Schools

Much to my surprise, I found this to be an interesting and inspiring read. You can find it here: and I downloaded the pdf report, rather than the summary. Music in schools wider still, and wider.pdf pdf 326.94 KB It is … Continue reading

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Issue 41: Speedshifter

This free download from the ABRSM website has been available here for some time; I have been using it for a while now to change the speed of all kinds of backing tracks and recordings without changing the pitch. … Continue reading

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