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Issue 47: Welcome to the Jungle

And the end of term is just about in sight! This has to be the busiest time of year, even more full than Christmas (and that’s saying something!). Still, only another five days to go now. This week has links … Continue reading

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Issue 47: What a Wonderful World

I was enchanted by this amazing YouTube video by the group CDZA: I jut love the way that all different genres are demonstrated with such clarity and pzazz! Their website is here: They have produced a whole series of … Continue reading

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Issue 47: Teaching by Rote

All music lessons, at every level, in every situation, will probably involve some teaching by rote. For example, at a very simple level: Today, with my youngest class of recorder players (year 3), we spent the last lesson of term learning some simple … Continue reading

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Issue 47: First Night of the Proms (Olympic Post)

I guess this marks the end of the series of Olympic posts, and I hope you won’t think that I have cheated too much: Here’s the link for the BBC proms website. The festival opened today 13th July, and … Continue reading

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Issue 46: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello everyone. I apologise again for the break in service last week. There are now over 1,000 individual visits every month, which is hugely encouraging. This week I have brought you the latest news in my planned “Sun Arise” spectacular, to … Continue reading

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Issue 46: Sun Arise – progress check

I mentioned a while ago that I had chosen this as the whole school song for the end of year music assembly at a local school. It’s going well so far (touch wood, cross my fingers). I have a group … Continue reading

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Issue 46: Playing for fun

When I was learning the piano, there was a pile of music about three feet high (that’s about a metre for you young’uns) beside the piano stool. It was a complete mixture, including my grandmother’s books dated about 1900 (Czerny and … Continue reading

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Issue 46: Olympic Bid Film

A 3’30” film that formed part of Britain’s bid for the Olympics back in 2005 can be found here; It features young children watching sport, taking part, and dreaming about a future as an athlete. The background music reflects … Continue reading

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