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Issue 45: Welcome to the Jungle

Hi there everyone! I’m sorry you had to wait for this week’s issue. Once again, we exceeded our bandwidth. This was partly due to a technical problem; some of my pictures were too big, and I need to make a point … Continue reading

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Issue 45: The Shark Song

If you are looking for something to teach in a hurry for an end-of-term concert, look no further than “The Shark Song” I learnt this song a couple of years ago from a year 4 Wider Opportunities class which had … Continue reading

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Issue 45: A Music lesson using The Shark Song

So, this may be a bit of cheat, making two posts out of one song – but here comes one of the most enjoyable music lessons ever; Having taught the shark song to everyone, you can now add instruments. Just fetch the entire … Continue reading

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Issue 45: The Olympic Mascots and their Song

I’m probably way behind the times here, but today I discovered the London2012 YouTube channel: where you can find the Olympic mascots’ song “Over the Rainbow”  sung by Carrie Fisher and Tom Fletcher with fun animations, and the … Continue reading

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