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Issue 56: Welcome to The Jungle

This has been an interesting week. There have been so many “first music lessons”; always tough, because you are teaching the ground rules and expectations as well as the very basics of the instruments. I never knew that there were … Continue reading

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Issue 56: The Sharmanka Theatre

Suddenly, on television last night, there was a short visit by some “celeb” or other to the Sharmanka Theatre exhibition in Glasgow. I have always loved automata, and there has been a long tradition of this kind of model making. Years ago … Continue reading

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Issue 56: Drones, Rounds, and Ostinati

I used the welcome song Funmje Alafia, Ashe, Ashe, to teach the difference between the three types of accompaniment in double quick time this week. (The words mean something along the lines of “Give me happiness, Amen, amen) Having taught … Continue reading

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Issue 56: Pulse, Rhythm and the Bumble Bee

There is a little playground game song which goes like this;   Bee, Bee, Bum-ble Bee, stung a man up–on his knee, Stung a Pig up–on his snout, I say you’re out. I have coloured-coded the words by pitch as follows; … Continue reading

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Issue 55: Welcome to the Jungle

Term has started for real now – hooray! Why such enthusiasm? Let me see; I enjoy teaching music, I have some great ideas I want to try out with the children, I’ve read some inspirational teaching books over the holidays, … Continue reading

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Issue 55: Leo the Lion

I was taught this game by a talented colleague (whose name is a palindrome, if you want to play guessing games!) The tune is the same as every single na–na-nana–na game you ever heard in the playground. Let’s assume you … Continue reading

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Issue 55: Introducing Percussion to Early Years

First day back at school, and the first music lessons of the new school year. Last term, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by Sarah Hennessy at the Primary School’s Music Conference organised by West Sussex Music Services. She … Continue reading

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Issue 55: Trinity or Associated Board

I’ve always “done” Associate Board music exams. I did them a a child, I teach them as an adult, and I accompany for them as well. I kind of know where I am with them. This is in spite of … Continue reading

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