Issue 72: Pay Attention to this! It is important!

For me, this term started with a training course for all teachers in Child Protection. A tough topic, full of thorny issues. Everyone will be teaching in different circumstances and encounter different problem areas.

You have to consider the safety and protection of the child, and also the safety and protection of the teacher. I’m no expert in either, and the training day emphasised to me the importance of making the most of any opportunity you have to go to a training session on child protection.

You need to know what to do if you have concerns for a child, and also how to manage the way that you teach and work with young people in order to ensure that you follow best practice.

Check out what your employer offers by way of training as a starting point. I was able to join in with a school training session last year, as I am employed by them to be a class music teacher. This year’s session was run my the music services that I also work for.

If you are a member of an organisation such as the Incorporated Society of Musicians, or the Musician’s Union, you should be able to get further information from them. If you work for other organisations, such as scouts, or as a youth/children’s worker (I work with children at a local church) you may be able to access training through them.



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