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Issue 99: Welcome to The Jungle

This is week three of the Summer holidays, and I have at last started to unwind. Perhaps I should clarify that last remark; I mean “unwind” as in relax, chill out, slow down, as opposed to “unwind” as come unravelled, fall … Continue reading

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Issue 99: The Musician’s Way

This is a newsletter that I subscribe to; you can find it here. The author Gerald Kickstein, always has a mix of articles and extracts from his book, also called “The Musician’s Way” which are usually interesting and helpful. This week … Continue reading

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Issue 99: Pitched Percussion Samba

This year I will be teaching two samba classes with around children 40 in each group. So what! So the kits supplied to the schools will only have 32 instruments, and will need to be supplemented, so that everyone gets … Continue reading

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Issue 99: Ground Rules

I’ve been spending some time this week planning next term’s lessons. I’ll be teaching class music, recorders, small group samba, small group theory and also Wider Opportunities samba, djembe, ukulele and keyboard next year in addition to private piano and theory … Continue reading

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Issue 98: Welcome to The Jungle

Summer time – heat – slowing down – time off – taking it easy All these things are true of this week, which is why it is Tuesday and The Jungle has only just arrived. So, apologies if you are … Continue reading

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Issue 98: Music on my Kindle

I have had a Kindle for several years now, and have occasionally toyed with the idea with finding out how to make it play background music while I’m reading. The first thing to bear in mind is that mine is an old-style … Continue reading

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Issue 98: Meeting up with Old Friends

Yesterday I spent some time and had afternoon tea with an old friend. We were introduced by my first “real” piano teacher way back when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old, and we’ve kept in touch ever since: … Continue reading

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Issue 98: Leith Hill Place

A friend reminded me that Leith Hill Place in Surrey is now open to the public for the Summer and Autumn, before it undergoes restoration. It is a National Trust property and you can get full details here. To quote … Continue reading

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