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This is the picture I used to launch this site, all those years ago. The first half of this year became steadily more and more overwhelming with various family issues, and something had to give way. Nothing majorly major – … Continue reading

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39/60 Preparing for the End of Term Nativity

I’ve set up the “teams” now for some of the carols at the end of term. The year 3 /4 class is responsible for playing the percussion I have put three of each different instrument in each carol; the The … Continue reading

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2017/9 When they stop practicing

Here’s an insightful blogpost from for dealing with those times when a student is unable to practice. Not so much for when they’ve lost the motivation or interest as when, through circumstances at home or at school, they are … Continue reading

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2017/4 Organisation

I’ve been covering for a colleague for the last four months, which has been interesting in lots of ways. One of the things that she handed over was they way she organises her paperwork. I remember when I was interviewed … Continue reading

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77/100 Grade 1 sight reading – with flats

A while ago I posted up a page of short piano pieces in C major for sight reading practice. The young student I gave them to rattled them all off to me in her piano lesson. This week, I took the … Continue reading

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60/100 The Rhythm Clock

A rhythm clock is a pattern of 12 rhythms arranged in a circle like the hours on a clock. Like this:   You can project this image on a whiteboard, and then start all kinds of fun learning activities. First … Continue reading

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59/100 Music Resources from Oxfam

  While on the hunt for music for “Cauliflowers Fluffy” I discovered that Oxfam have a whole load of resources for music – Hurray! I have copied and pasted this ENORMOUS link into my browser and found a host of Harvest … Continue reading

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58/100 Cauliflowers Fluffy

Today I had another go at teaching “Cauliflowers fluffy”. Yesterday I was able to stream the song, lyrics, backing tracks etc using my membership, as an interim while we searched high and low for the CD, which we will … Continue reading

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